Tablet shop

Loaded quickly and tiltable

A tablet shop is a target shop made specifically for Android tablets or the Apple iPad for example. Specific templates provide an optimal display of your products. All pages are developed in HTML5. They can be viewed in both length and width and are compatible with touch screens. You can request a tablet shop if you have a webshop subscription with us. The payment facilities that are part of the subscription can all be used in your tablet shop. The price for a tablet shop is € 8 per month.

Responsive webdesign (RWD)

Traditional websites are designed for screens of desktop computers or laptops controlled with a mouse or keyboard. Tablets have a touch screen with a different resolution. This requires a simplified display with less text for example. Moreover, it is nice to be able to slide from page to page. Thanks to responsive skins, your webshop is always displayed perfectly on both a conventional PC and a tablet. The system recognizes with which device the visitor is viewing your webshop and automatically selects the appropriate display.