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    Full webshop design & customization

    Do you want to outsource the building and designing of your webshop? Do you want the benefits of our e-commerce platform, without having to do anything yourself? Are you looking for customized solutions? Thanks to years of experience with the myShop platform and our experience with e-commerce, myShop Solutions is the partner that will guide you from start to finish.

    Solutions offers you the best of both worlds: the stable myShop.com platform, coupled with applications that connect to it seamlessly.
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Customized solutions for your webshop

Do you want certain features or links that are not (yet) offered by myShop.com or its partners? No problem, the Solutions consultants and developers are eager to fulfill these desires through customized solutions. They are familiar with all the ins and outs of the myShop.com e-commerce platform, since they have been working with it for many years. This can be of great benefit.

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We unburden you

On the myShop platform, you will be able to design the most beautiful webshop. Not everyone wants to do this oneself or has time for this. Do you prefer not doing it yourself and being guided at every step? In that case, we would like to talk. myShop Solutions builds webshops and designs these to the point of perfection. From A to Z we call it. We can do this for starting online entrepreneurs and experienced retailers, as well as large B2B companies that endorse the benefits of our platform. On this page, you will find more information on help with proper branding and online strategy for your online business, on Usability & Design, and on what happens when you outsource building and designing your webshop to us.

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Case study: Simultaneously buying and donating at FairFriends.nl

Fair Friends is a place where you can both buy fair and responsible products and support charities.

Different product suppliers advertise their products in their own FairFriends webshop, in line with the shop-in-shop principle. This creates a wide and attractive range of products. By working together, logistics and marketing costs drop.

The website is built on the myShop platform and it is developed and designed by myShop Solutions.

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