Smartphone shop

Online shopping with a mobile phone

More and more people use their PDA or smartphone for online shopping. This leads to different requirements for the presentation of your webshop. For example, less information fits on the display than on the screen of a PC or a tablet. A special app with device detection makes your online store suitable for viewing on any smartphone and palmtop, whether it is an Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Blackberry. The pages are loaded in no time. Ordering and payments are done quickly and easily with both touch screen and a physical keyboard.

For tablets too

A smartphone shop and a tablet shop are essentially the same: a smartphone shop can be viewed on a tablet and vice versa. The rate is also the same: € 8 per month. You can apply for a smartphone shop if you have a webshop subscription with us. The range of your smartphone shop can be equal to that of your main shop but you can also offer a special product selection.