Stay ahead of your competitors

Take care of search engine optimization (SEO)

You want to attract a lot of visitors to your webshop and you hope that they purchase in your store instead of the competitor’s store. helps you reach a high position in the search results at Google. To be findable on the Internet, your online store has to meet several important criteria:

  • Sound and stable technical basis of your webshop
  • Clear descriptions of your products or services
  • Backlinks on related websites: links to your webshop
  • Relevant keywords at all pages

SEO certificate ensures a proper technique of your webshop. We are the first e-commerce platform in the Netherlands with the SEO label. This label is issued by iProspect and guarantees a search engine friendly technical basis. This means you are sure of a good start of your webshop. and work closely to safeguard the quality continuously.

Copywriting and link building

Copywriting and link building are the other aspects that ensure optimal visibility of your webshop. Basically, you are responsible for this. Would you like advice or assistance in those areas? You can benefit from the expertise of our specialist partners of course.