Offerte shop

For custom and personalized products

Do you offer exclusive products or services? Do you offer graduated discount, or one-time only batches? Are you unable or do you not want to mention prices or rates for whatever reason? has a solution in the form of a quotation shop. Your potential customers can indicate what they want and request a quotation. The screens for payment and shipping facilities are removed, because these do not apply in this case. A quotation shop is absolutely free.

Freedom and flexibility

Suppose you organize events, run workshops, give lectures, produce memorial stones, create murals or write texts. It is difficult to have fixed rates for this. The costs depend on the needs of your client, the materials you use and the hours you spend working. A quotation shop gives you freedom and flexibility.

Perfect for precious items

Even if you offer gadgets or expensive products, a quotation shop is an attractive option. The advantage is that you do not have to mention rates. This helps you prevent not getting potential customers because they are put off by the price. When people do not have to order and pay immediately, it lowers the threshold. Requesting a quote online is without obligations and you will certainly get in touch with potential buyers.