Extensive payment facilities including credit card

A Professional Subscription provides more features than a Basic or Startup Subscription. For instance, there are more payment facilities. Customers can pay by credit card and there are links to the payment providers Docdata, Ogone, Buckaroo, Sisow, MultiSafepay, Icepay, Afterpay, Klarna, Rabo OmniKassa and VX42 Bridgetools. Other benefits include automatic uploads of product lists and an unlimited number of page views (fair use policy).

Affiliate partner program

A Professional Subscription gives you access to the myShop.com partner program for affiliate marketing. This allows you to generate more sales effortlessly. It works as follows: your affiliate partner places a banner (advertisement) of your shop on his/her website. Every visitor who clicks on this banner is redirected to your shop. myShop.com registers the email address of the partner. If one places an order, the partner will automatically receive an email with the order number and total order amount, so he/she can claim an agreed commission. Links to external affiliate marketing providers are also possible.


In addition to connectors to payment terminals such as Buckaroo, Sisow, Docdata and Ogone, numerous back office connectors are available. Think of inventory management through remote server processing or sending orders through a script to your business administration. Connectors to external parties are also possible; examples are PostNL’s Parcelware for parcel shipment, osFinancials or Exact Online for accounting and SW-Retail for a connector to the checkout system and inventory management. Please also visit the page about connections.

100 webpages extra

A Professional Subscription gives you 100 additional pages. The design is entirely up to you. You can add all the information that you find worth mentioning. For example, you can dedicate a page to the General terms and conditions, your company history, your employees or your partners. The layout is entirely up to you too: you can let the layout blend in with your shop seamlessly. Our shop calculator allows you to calculate your fixed monthly fee quickly and easily.

Telephone helpdesk

Please e-mail the helpdesk all your questions and comments. You will get a clear and professional answer quickly. If this does not help you adequately, please call our special support number for free (only your own telephone costs). The staff of our helpdesk is ready to help you 7 days a week. They work with you and offer you customized solutions.