Your own design

You can easily add content pages to your webshop. You create their layout in the so-called blocks editor. You can choose from dozens of designs, colors and shades. Own design is also possible. If you already have a website, you can have it copied to the pixel accurate in the system if desired. There are lots of nice skins available which you can use to start of your own design, all standard skins are downloadable, that could give you a jump start.

Skins and templates

For the presentation of your online store, you can use one of the many available skins. Most skins have different themes from which you can choose. In addition, they all contain some standard elements such as a menu and a tab. The colors and fonts can be set to your personal taste. Adding your company logo and product photos is easy. Furthermore, you can use a separate template for each page. An order screen, for example, consists of other components than a showcase page does. You can experiment as much as you wish. Are you curious about the possibilities in the field of design? Feel free to check out the page with examples.

Would you like to outsource design?

The possibilities to design your own website (via CSS/HTML) are inexhaustible. Therefore, web designers like to work with us. CMS and hosting providers can link their own variant to their system. Do you not have time to design or do you lack the inspiration? Our professional partners are happy to help you with and advise you on banners, promotional or demonstration videos, photography, animation, image processing and 3D product view. Have a look at myShop Solutions.