Target shops

Even better findable in Google

You can expand your shop with target shops. These are ‘branches’ as it were, in which you either offer your entire product range or a specific part. Suppose you own you can also have, and as target shops - or, and These are webshops with their own URL, layout, target group and ordering process. Specialization and a self-titled domain give better results in search engines, so it is beneficial to your SEO. This eliminates the need to invest much in Google Adwords. The constrain for the target shop is, that the complete product assortment is available in the main webshop.

Nearly 50% revenue growth in times of crisis

The Rotterdam webshop giant Coolblue leaves KLM and behind. Would you like to know what the secret of this success is? Coolblue opens a separate target store for each product group. Coolblue has over 200 online stores now, of which and are the largest. Management and maintenance of the target shops take place in the main store. Filters allow the products from the main store to find the correct target shop automatically.

Friendly maintenance

Every time you refresh the product list in your central store, the data in your target shops is updated. Consequently, price and stock information that you change in your main store is adjusted automatically. Orders placed in the target shops end up in your main shop. You can also set exclusive offers for your target shops or offer other payment facilities.

Rates Target Shops

A Target Shop Subscription is only possible in combination with another subscription. Per target shop, you pay five euros monthly. If you want a shop with its own ordering process, the monthly rate is eight euros. Webshops for tablets, smartphones or Facebook are also target shops. These cost eight euros per month.