Becoming a partner of

Win-win constructions for you and us

We are not the only ones benefiting from joining forces, our customers too! offers various forms of partnership where the knife cuts both ways. You can work with us as:

  • Business Partner
  • Affiliate Partner
  • Academic Partner
  • Accompany Partner

Below you can read what these partnerships are and how you can benefit from them.

Business Partner

Business Partners deliver services, software and links to subscribers of either upon payment or for free. This includes everything from branding, SEA, widgets, accounting and CRM packages to links to newsletter services and comparison sites. In cooperation with our Business Partners, we offer total solutions for e-commerce to the Dutch business world. Business Partners are therefore indispensable links in our strategy. In turn, they benefit due to their partnership with from:

  • endorsement
  • Free advertising
  • More customers/principals
  • Greater brand awareness
  • Higher turnover

Do you offer products or services that are of interest to our customers? Read more on becoming a Business Partner.

Affiliate Partner

Affiliate Partners bring new customers to us in exchange for financial compensation. Through a link on their website, leads and prospects contact Here, potential customers can open a pilot shop online. Conversion to a paid subscription gives the Affiliate Partner entitlement to a percentage of the subscription fee.

  • Silver Affiliate Partners may claim 10% commission
  • Gold Affiliate Partners are entitled to a fee of 25%

Are you curious about this lucrative form of partnership? Discover the benefits and conditions of becoming an Affiliate partner.

Academic Partner

Academic Partners are educational institutions that integrate our expertise in the field of e-commerce into their curriculum. Think of universities, colleges, regional training centers and online training institutions. provides input for the implementation of curricula. We also offer support in the form of, inter alia:

  • special student accounts (each student receives a professional webshop subscription with full functionality, at a greatly reduced rate of € 7.50 per month, for a minimum period of one module and up to 1 college year)
  • guest lectures, workshops and presentations on e-commerce
  • examples and cases for blended learning and e-learning

Interested? Read more about becoming an Academic partner.

Accompany Partner

Accompany Partners assist subscribers who need it. They are independent experts who know through and through. They are people who like to use their knowledge and experience to help brand new webshop keepers get started. The reward they receive includes:

  • expansion of their customer base and network
  • appreciation and gratitude
  • nice (additional) earnings

Does hold no secrets for you anymore and are you happy to help others? You can become an Accompany partner.