Safe and reliable hosting

Optimal protection for your webshop

You do not need to worry about the security: your webshop is safeguarded 24 hours a day. Firewalls protect your online store against spyware, spam, worms and hacker attacks. All applications of run under the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL). This is the default security protocol for websites where confidential information is exchanged, such as the websites of banks, the Chamber of Commerce and the tax authorities. The data traffic between Internet users and servers is encrypted with this.

Secure data traffic

Thanks to the SSL protocol, online payments, downloads and other digital transactions can take place protectedly. has an SSL certificate with which one can always verify our identity. This offers our visitors and clients the assurance that their data will be sent securely via https.

Your own SSL certificate?

Whichever webshop subscription of you choose, the SSL protocol is part of it no matter what. Once your customers go to the personal details screen to place an order, they are redirected to the https address of Would you like your domain name to remain in the address bar during the ordering process? You can apply for your own SSL certificate at one of our partners (starting from € 21 per year).

Stable platform

At Verizon Terremark, our hosting provider, load balancers continuously monitor the load of the data stream. They regulate the traffic by distributing it across multiple servers. Your webshop cannot be offline all of the sudden due to a system overload. The uptime is almost 100 percent, besides scheduled maintenance of, about which we always inform you in advance of course.

CO2 compensation

Did you know that the Internet is the largest contributor to CO2 emissions after the aviation industry? Web servers, routers and firewalls use much energy. We at care about corporate social responsibility.  Therefore, we have chosen a data center that can facilitate our IT infrastructure in a sustainable manner. Verizon Terremark is a CO2 neutral hosting provider using green energy.

Higher conversion with CDN

The faster people get access to the information they seek, the higher the degree of satisfaction. Moreover, the happier they are, the sooner they place an order and become (regular) customers. A CDN (Content Delivery Network) contributes to a good reputation and a higher conversion. The system stores the essential files of your webshop dispersedly. The advantages of this are:

  • Your webshop (style sheets (CSS), java scripts (JS), etc.) is loaded quickly
  • A large stream of visitors can be processed well, without downtime
  • Your webshop will get a better ranking. Speed is an important criterion in the evaluation of websites by Google and other search engines uses the CDN through HostingXS. This system is part of one of the fastest Content Delivery Networks in the world. You can also benefit from this now!