File format of the customer list for off-line customer management#

This page is part of the instructions for off-line customer management. Via this page an example for a customer list can be generated and downloaded. This example does not have a fixed format but is based on the settings of the shop - address data, available list of products etc. - After a change in the shop we advise to download a new example customer list, knowing what data has to be filled in.

For instructions to configure the customer management click here.

The structure of a customer list is given below. The customer list consists of a number of fixed fields - obliged or optional - and a unlimited number of free fields.

Fixed fields#

  • Number - obliged: 1st column -
    This represents the general customer reference - customer number, debtor number -. This value can be used to synchronize with when a changed customer list is uploaded.
  • If the number does not yet exist in the customer list then a new customer created and a password is generated.
  • If the number in the new list corresponds with an existing number than the customer data is updated - password is saved -.
  • If a number does not exist anymore in the changed customer list then the customer is deleted. This field can also be used to let the customer to login with - refer to next point -
  • E-mail - 2nd column -
    This is the e-mail address of the customer. With this address the customer logs-in. Also the order confirmations are sent to this address. If the field e-mail is not in the second column, the customer logs-in with his customer number - column 1 -. In case the field does not exist at all in the customer list then the customer has to input himself the e-mail address when ordering. This can be used to give new customers access to the shop by means of a general login.
  • authorization - option for customer management gold and platinum: 3rd column -
    This indicates the authorization level of the customer. Optional values:
  • all - default -: the customer has all teh option available as adjusted with the editor of
  • order: the customer is only allowed to order - if ordering is activated in the shop -
  • quotation: the customer can ask for a proposal - if proposal is activated in the shop -
  • retrieve: the customer can only view at the products.
  • public - option for customer management gold and platinum: 4th column - With the column public an login account can be mad public assessable. This can be useful if a large group of users have to use the same login data. This way a a screened account can be opened for users who are not yet registered. Optional values:
  • Yes: this account can only be used by more than one user at a time. A public account has the restriction that the contents is not saved when the customer logs-out.
  • No: default: this account can only be used by one user at a time. After logout the contents of the shopping cart is stored on our server - default one week -. When a second user logs-in while an other user with the same data was logged in, the first user is logged out.
  • discount - option for customer management gold and platinum: 5th column - -
    If a customer get a fixed discount on the entire assortment you can adjust that in the column 'discount'. The discount can be given as a percentage but can also be negative - raise -.The discount is given over the price checked in the shopping cart.Pay attention that this column is not formatted and only contains numbers - no % signs -.
  • vat - optional for customer management gold and platinum: 6th column -For orders of customers outside the EU or customers who donate their VAT themselves no VAT has to be paid. - refer to VAT rules -
  • yes - default -: VAT is calculated - if selected in the editor of -
  • no: VAT is not calculated
  • password - optional for customer management gold and platinum: column 7)- The functionality is as follows: If this field is empty when uploading a new customer list, a password is generated by the system. Is there a value filled in than this value is applied as password.If the customer list is refreshed and the field is empty the password is not updated, has this field a value than this new value is transferred and used as new password.
  • product list - option for customer management platinum -This column gives the product list which can be consulted by the customer. The product list is mentioned without extension. If more than one product lists can be consulted by the customer they are included in this column separated by a semicolon.
    Pay attention, if you change the name of the productlist you have to change it in the import file or the online custom management too. The name of a productlist which has been linked is capital sensitive. If you change a linked productlist to a file which includes only capitals in the title you have to take it up in the same way into the customer list too.
  • group1 - option for customer management platinum -This column gives the product lists out of the group which can be consulted by the customer. The column contains the name - without extension - of the product list.
  • group2, 3, 4 etc. - same as groep1 -

Free fields#

Beside the fixed fields a unlimited number of free fields can be defined. The free fields correspondent with the fields defined with the editor using the menu 'settings address data customer'

Previously these fields can be defined using the customer list. Therefore a distinction is made for general fields and fields as part of the delivery data.The last are preceded by a 'd' - delivery -. For example general fields: 'name', 'street', 'zip', 'city' For example delivery address fields: 'dname', 'dstreet', 'dzip' en 'dcity'.

The following two situations can be distinguished:

  • Field defined in excel customer file and in the address data screen - editor -.
    The value from the customer file is copied in the order process. The customer does not have to fill in these. If the field in the editor is defined as 'not editable' the customer cannot change this data.
    Example: name and address of customer
  • Field only defined in the address data screen - editor -
    The customer can give the data in the order process.
    Example: desired date of delivery

Advanced use of choice lists, check boxes and input fields in combination with the customer list.

If in the customer data screen a list of choices, check box or input field is defined, this value can be passed by means of the customer list. However it is also possible to send the offered options via the customer list. Therefore the options must be included and separated by a semicolon. Does it give only one value, this one will be used as selected in the standard list. Are there more options, the list is created based on data form the customer list.

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