Frequently Asked Questions#

Below there is a list of frequently asked questions and answers by categories, with links that go to more detailed information. Do you still have unanswered questions, which in your opinion need to be hearing? Please mail us at:


  • Question: I have a trial, do I start if I register a subscription? Do I have to re-start a subscription if I have registered (and have a trial) ?
    1. Answer: You do not/that is not necessary, you keep the same account. By/upon registration, only the payment options activated. All settings and all your changes will remain as they are.
  • Question: Which subscription is right for me?
    1. Answer: The type of subscription you need depends largely on the payment options you would like to offer to your customers, the payment options you want your customers to have/choose and the number of products you wish to offer. For a useful overview, you can consult this page: Abonnementen Vergelijking Functionality and layout options are all about the same subscription.
  • Question: I want more products to offer, what about now?
    1. Answer: You can extend and have more products to offer at any time, regardless of the subscription. An email to sufficient.
  • Question: I would not like to have just products, but also information pages on my shop.
    1. Answer:That is possible. You can, depending on the subscription, create up to 100 pages. For an overview see these pages: eigen pagina's


  • Question: How do I place/put images in my shop?
    1. Answer: Images must first be uploaded on the editor of myShop (pages >> Pictures and other documents), then there must be a reference in the excel file to which images are made​​. That upload in three ways: Picture for picture, with a ZIP file that you can upload hundreds of images at once, or via a special tool to partner HostingXS as upload 1 picture in high resolution and the system generates all the formats you want to automatically . For more information see: ImageMaintenance
  • Question: My images are all different sizes, will be automatically updated?
    1. Answer: "The width and/or height of the images in the product list can be set in the editor, but it will be a better result if all images have the same size as they are uploaded. With the free program IrfanView you can create large amounts of images convert them to same format. See also: plaatjes.
  • Question: How do I get images in my list?
    1. Answer: Images can not be incorporated directly into the excel, they need to be uploaded and then the link (url: pages >> pictures and other documents >> you click on the image you want to have the link and copy the url) to the image in excel should be included.

Payment Methods#

  • Question: How can I link my shop to iDEAL?
    1. Answer: Link the subscription to iDEAL with the provider of your choice can be requested through the online help procedure: Ideal. Together with the application for the iDEAL provider clear that my shop iDEAL subscription is requested. IDEAL existing subscriptions that you used on another website will not work within
  • Question: Which provider of ideal can I link to my shop?:
    1. Answer: On this page you will find a list of all payment systems that can be linked to Payment Betaalsystemen.
  • Question: My iDEAL link does not work, I get the message "Unable to redirect to issuer."
    1. Answer: You do not have the correct subscription iDEAL. myShop uses a specific connection with iDEAL, all providers have developed a specific subscription.
    2. Make sure your service provider or your subscription is for the myShop platform.
    3. Make sure your provider and the contract was signed or received.
  • Question: What payment method(s) should I take?
    1. Answer: That depends on several factors such as: service, cost, and whether you want to sell outside the Netherlands. For an overview: Payment Betaalsystemen


  • Question: Can I transfer my domain and email hosting to
    1. Answer: By registering your subscription, you can also register a domain name identical. This is included in the subscription fee. MyShop register them for you to This is only the domain name, without email or (web space). E-mail and / or (web space) you can add on HostingXS hostingXS
  • Question: I already have a domain, can be linked to my shop?
    1. Answer: That is possible. In the DNS records of your domain should be made to our servers, and we can link your domain. For more information see: Domain Name Domeinnaam
  • Question: My domain name is linked, but I'm still see a white screen with "DNS successfully set"?
    1. Answer: Your browser saves visited pages in a temporary memory (cache). To force your browser to the latest version of your site to show, you should delete the cache. You can do this via the menu of the browser. The way each browser is different.


  • Question: I want to use Google Analytics. How do I do that?
    1. Answer: On this page you will find extensive information: Google analytics Googleanalytics
  • Question: Can I verify my site with Google?
    1. Answer: n order to verify your site, three conditions must be met: 1- To generate authentication code should be used from the meta tag option (which is found in the webmaster tools under the "alternative methods"). 2- Verification code must be included in the page that opens by default (that is to set in the settings tab in the editor). 3- Only the character string should be entered in the appropriate field. The remaining code of the meta tag CAN NOT be is used. For more info see: Google Add Sitemap: GoogleAddSitemap
  • Question: How can I optimize my web store for Google?
    1. Answer: See this page for detailed info: Google Overview Googleoverview
  • Question: How can I setup sitemaps ?
    1. Answer: myShop makes a distinction between xml and html sitemaps. The xml sitemap is only for search engines. For detailed information about xml sitemaps see: PageSitemap. Extensive information on the html site maps can be found here: HMTL Sitemap.
  • Question: When I search on Google my keywords are not found?
    1. Answer: Google not indexing the words in the meta tag 'keywords' (pages >> skin >> skin.html >> head >> “<meta>” >> keywords. This doesn´t mean that this tag is useless, but in terms of indexation it delivers nothing.

Shop Setup#

  • Question: How do I get my pages visible in the shop?
    1. Answer: If you have a page created, in the "home page" can link to a tab (you can make yourself), to link a header or a footer link. The tabs are visible in the horizontal menu bar, the header is visible at the top and the footer is visible at the bottom. Only after a page to a tab or link that is linked pages visible in the shop.
  • Question: Hoe krijg ik informatieteksten in mijn pagina's?
    1. Answer: U kunt informatieteksten toevoegen door middel van een 'wysiwyg' (What You See Is What You Get, een soort online tekstverwerker) blok, een html blok, of u kunt één van de voorbeeldblokken aanpassen (deze kunt u kiezen uit de lijst van standaardblokken die u kunt toevoegen aan een pagina . Het is mogelijk om meerdere blokken op een pagina te combineren en op die manier de pagina op de gewenste manier op te maken.


  • Question: How do I set the layout of my shop?
    1. Answer: My Shop offers 17 different skins (layouts) that can be used; within that skins you also could choice of five color combinations. These can be set in the editor, with "pages" and the "home page".
  • Question: Can I customize the layout myself?
    1. Answer: That is possible. The layouts consist of html and css. The set layout can be downloaded and then with an html editor to be adjusted. It is important to the xhtml as little as possible to adjust due to the built-in intelligence.
  • Question: Are Flash and Javascript elements supported?
    1. Answer: Both Flash and Javascript are supported. It is not recommend to use Flash because of the many problematic playback on some mobile devices.
  • Question: Can I use the layout of the product list, more info and confirmations and make such changes?
    1. Answer: That is possible, it is possible to download these templates and adapt them.
  • Question: I have edited my layout, but first I want to see how it looks without my shop suddenly not looking.
    1. Answer: It is recommend to get custom skins in the playground to upload. This is designed for testing purposes.
  • Question: Can I only upload html files but not the custom css files?
    1. Answer: The custom css files should be uploaded to "Pictures and other files." Then, in the html, you have to put the location of the css files to be ordered.

Products List#

  • Question: How do I get my products in the shop?
    1. Answer: PProduct Management is based on Excel. The editor allows you to preview both the product list and the coffee demo and download product list as an example. These lists are sent to you by mail after clicking the download link, so it is important that your email address at the company have entered correctly. You can also download direct link, so you can download a list directly to your computer.
  • Question: After I've uploaded the product list, there are all strange characters in the shop instead of letters.
    1. Answer: "That is caused by the use of special characters like?, E, e, &. To avoid the excel file these characters are created with the html code for that character. A useful overview of these html codes found on this site: html tutorial van Ted Montgomery.
  • Question: After uploading my product list I do not see some images, although they are all correct in the product listed.
    1. Answer: If there are no extra columns added to the excel file does not. In step 2 of the upload process you can create a product list that you want to overwrite, all settings will be retained here Selection.
  • Question: Should I upload everything again when I make changes in my product list?
    1. Answer: If there are no extra columns added to the excel file does not. In step 2 of the upload process you can create a product list that you want to overwrite, all settings will be retained here.
  • Question: If I have multiple sizes and colors of 1 product to offer, subject to all these variants than as a product?
    1. Answer: If all sizes and colors have the same product number and same price, you can have “variations” 1 product line under the market, is seen as a product. If the Variants have different prices and / or these variants have different numbers of stock, all variants of its own product line are processed. myShop see all variants as ‘’separate’’ products.
  • Question: How can I refer to a category of products?
    1. Answer: For detailed documentation about it and see examples at left: URLselectie
  • Question: How can I change the colors and fonts to customize the products?
    1. Answer: It is possible to excel html in the process list so that your words or prices in a different color or size can display. Example codes found on this page: Vanprijsvoorprijs.

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