Promotion# has different possibilities to set up a promotion in your shop. Below we will give you examples how to set up a promotion with links to the technical procedures. If you have good ideas for a promotion which you can not find below, please send an e-mail to

To set up a promotion
Below we will give examples of promotions. To make it more clearly, we will take a candy shop as example and set up different promotions for this shop. At the end of each promotion you will find a link to the technical details.

  • surcharge(s) below fixed order amount(s)
    With this promotion you want that the customer will buy more products to come above the fixed order amount. In our case of the candy shop it is of course more useful with regarding to the shipping- and administration costs that a customer orders more then one kilo of candy, see link
  • discount(s) above fixed order amount(s)
    The same with the promotion above you want that the customer orders above a fixed amount. In our candy shop you can set up the promotion ´with an order of more then 10 kilo of candy you will receive a discount of a fixed percentage´ see link
  • discount code
    With this promotion you want that the customer uses a code for a discount. With our candy shop you can for example put an advertisement in a magazine for the Dutch community in a foreign country. If the customer orders 5 kilo of candy and he uses the discount code, he will receive a fixed percentage of discount. An other option is to give the customer after an order a discount code so it will be more inviting for him to place in the future an other order, see link
  • order several products
    With this promotion you can take up several products. In our candy shop we can make the month of January a promotion month. After the holidays of December we have still large amounts of spice nuts, marzipan, spiced biscuits and chocolate in our stock. We can take up all these products in our promotion, for example ´take 4, pay for 3´. If a customer orders 4 products , he needs only to pay 3. Of course you can give the customer a certain discount if he orders these products too, that can be an amount or a percentage, see link
  • order other products directly with
    With this promotion you can make a link between several products, if the customer orders a certain product automatically he will receive the other product too. In our candy shop you can make a link between an existing chocolate bar and a recently developed bar. To know if the new bar will be popular, you can link this bar to an existing bar, and if the customer orders this bar, he will receive the new bar too, see link
  • order other products directly with (above order amount)
    With this promotion it is possible to give the customer a free product if the order amount reach above a fixed amount. Furthermore you can decide if this fixed amount is including/excluding VAT. With this action you stimulate the customer to order extra products to reach the fixed amount for receiving the free product, see link

Of course it is not necessary to give the product for free, you can give the customer a discount too. Keep in mind that the product which will be add automatically to the shopping cart, can not be removed separately. For this reason it is necessary to communicate clearly to the customer what the promotion includes.

The next settings are available (depending of the action you selected):

  • description. This is the description of the promotion (for example ´you will receive a free product x with orders above euro 50´).
  • product list. Products which are added to the shopping cart automatically can come from an other productlist. It is possible to create a separate product list for these products if you do not want them to be shown in the standard productlist (for example because you can not order them separately) . Here you can select the separate productlist
  • order amount is. The condition to place a product in the shopping cart depends on the setting of 'action valid for' and the order amount. The order amount can be the gross or netto order amount, furthermore it is possible to take up other actions. To define the value of the order amount you can use these settings:
  • products + actions+ VAT
  • products + actions
  • products + VAT
  • product
  • action valid for. Here you define for which products an other product will be added automatically in the shopping cart (a product from the productlist mentioned above). It is possible to give several lines, separated by an ; , see examples below
  • if the order amount is bigger as 50 euro, the product abc will be added in the shopping cart. Setting: 50=abc
  • if the order amount is bigger as 75 euro, the products abc and xyz will be added in the shopping cart. Setting: 50=abc;75=xyz
  • if the order amount is between 50 and 75 euro, only the product abc will be added, if the order amount is between 75 and 100 only the product xyz will be added. Setting: 50-74.99=abc;75-99.99=xyz

Overview promotions
Below you will see a list with possible promotions and the links for the technical process.

take 4, pay for 3> link
guarantor> link
linking several products > link
discount above fixed order amount> link
discount code> link
deposit > link
surcharge above fixed amount order > link

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