Why do we want to help you?

"Enabling entrepreneurs to achieve their ideal is one of our main motivations. This includes a product that contains all the components for a successful exploitation of webshops. We would like to offer the best e-commerce platform: a product that fits online storeowners like a glove. One fits all with the quality and look of custom made. Like wearing a tailor-made suit that has the freedom of movement and ease of maintenance of a tracksuit." Marcel Ambriola, CEO

"People should be able to shape their own ideas without much technical knowledge. That is why we prefer to create a generic environment that offers plenty of space for free expression. We take the feedback we receive from our subscribers seriously. Based on this, we perfect the system continuously. myShop.com is never finished. It is a kind of living organism. If you do not continue to develop it, it will die. Refinement and innovation are essential." John Zanoni, CTO.

"The beauty of myShop.com is that customers are no number to us. From the outset, contact and cooperation with subscribers are of paramount importance to us. Those relationships make for an interesting dynamic. We help entrepreneurs by thinking about ways to reap the most benefit from their webshop. They help us in the development and expansion of our system. Thanks to them, we know what new services and plug-ins are needed. "
 Sem van der Wal, developer

"I like helping customers .My aim is: Make as many people happy on one day as spossible. Sometimes, a problem is solved with three clicks. That gives a wonderful feeling. My own experience as an online storeowner is important added value for subscribers. I own boopiez.nl, a webshop that I have created with myShop.com. I can share the user experience that I build up here with other e-tailers."
 Pernilla Van Halen, support coordinator

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