Below is a brief overview of our subscriptions. This way, you can see the main features at a glance. Would you like to compare them to each other in detail? Click the ‘Compare subscriptions' button. Under Features you can find explanations of the different subscriptions. uses fixed monthly rates, regardless of the number of order transactions that occur in your webshop monthly. In other words, we do not charge you any extra percentage of revenue fee. With a fixed monthly fee, you always know where you stand in advance. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

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    We can also create a special package in consultation with you. This may include a collection of web shops or large product quantities. That is what we call an Enterprise subscription .

  • 2 specializes in all kinds of applications for e-commerce and m-commerce for entrepreneurs, SMEs and multinationals. This ranges from Facebook webshops, wholesale and quotation shops to webshops for tablets and smartphones.

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    Several domains can be linked to an online store.

  • 4 allows for easy connections to POS systems, payment facilities, affiliate programs and many other services. Partners of also provide specific links.

  • 5 offers you the opportunity to expand your webshop with so-called light shops: 'affiliates' where you offer specific parts of your product range. This is beneficial to your SEO!