Aerdenhout, June 17th, 2013 undergoes name change and metamorphosis

As of June 17, 2013, will continue as This name change follows a management buyout: on December 3, 2012, Marcel Ambriola and John Zanoni have taken over from founder Durk Jan de Bruin. A new name comes with a new presentation. The website underwent a complete metamorphosis and now shows what the e-commerce platform has to offer much better.

Extension service package with customization has started in 2000 and has witnessed the birth of e-commerce. By now, the webshop provider has become a major player in the online retail industry. Ambriola (CEO) and Zanoni (CTO) have respectively worked 8.5 and 12.5 years at the company. Ambriola: 'We have already operated internationally under the name Now, we have placed our website under the same title. The launch of is a milestone for us.” Zanoni adds: “This is an important next step in our development. In addition to technology provider, we increasingly become solution provider: we want to think along with webshop owners and offer customized solutions in collaboration with strong partners. This allows us to offer our customers a complete product with even more body."

For entrepreneurs, SMEs and multinationals

From the outset, is a profitable venture. Ambriola: "We have a long sales growth and expect this trend to continue." More than 3,000 entrepreneurs manage an online store through This number includes both large companies and small businesses, from and Unilever to Joseph-Joseph, Online Kabelshop and Van der Steen Antiquairs. What is the secret behind this success? Ambriola: "It is partly due to a team of dedicated and skilled employees and partly due to a product that is user and maintenance friendly, and very flexible. A webshop grows with you as it were. It is entirely customizable and many links to external services and systems are possible."

Continuous innovation

The new logo shows three cogs in different sizes that interlock. Ambriola: "Those cogs symbolize different parties: with its partners, entrepreneurs using our webshops and consumers ordering online. Together we are helping to keep the economy going." is constantly changing. "This is also beautifully reflected in the new logo," Ambriola says. "Innovation is one of our top priorities. We like to offer e-tailers the best of the best." The innovation does not stop at a new name and new website. Zanoni: "Our back office is also going to be revised. We are going to organize it more consistently and make it more user-friendly. "Completion of the new back office is scheduled for late 2013.