100 reasons to choose myShop.com


  1. myShop.com has been established in 2000, so it exists almost as long as Google. We have gained a lot of knowledge and experience since. Our international team has over 110 years of experience!
  2. myShop.com is eco-friendly. We believe in our world and are willing to take care of it. We therefore compensate for CO2 emissions.
  3. myShop.com shop is particularly scalable and grows with your company: from your first shop to international B2B and B2C e-commerce platform. You are at home with us.
  4. Major parties such as KPN, ABN Amro and POSTNL have decided for cooperation with myShop.com after thorough market research.
  5. The foundation of myShop.com is a spreadsheet. Manage your product data locally at your own computer and upload all your data to myShop.com at once. Ask your suppliers for product data in a spreadsheet (.csv, .xls, .xlsx, openoffice, Google docs, and database export)
  6. In all developments of myShop.com , our three directives are
    • Fast and stable;
    • Flexible;
    • Easy to use;
  7. We do our best to know all our customers and ensure that we never make you feel like a number.
  8. myShop.com is an international company based in the Netherlands.
  9. myShop.com does not depend on external financing.
  10. We constantly invest in the development of the shops: the latest techniques, up-to-date security and monitoring thereof. Please go on a holiday without stress, we will make sure that the shop stays up and running!


  1. You do not have to worry about buying or updating hardware.
  2. You do not have to install any software or downloads.
  3. You do not have to install any upgrades or security patches. We ensure that your shop is protected and that it remains compatible with the latest browsers.
  4. Your shop will run on our servers, but it will have your domain name! Of course, the shop is registered under your own domain name. Your customers, but also the search engines, will only see your domain name.


  1. The myShop.com staff is available to answer your questions 24/7.
  2. We are easily accessible by phone.
  3. Our support staff members know what they are doing. Moreover, they have the drive to help turn your business into a success.


  1. Modularly designed subscriptions: you only pay the functionalities you need.
  2. You pay a fixed amount instead of commission per sale. Sell as much as you can!
  3. Unique: you can try out your store for 3 months (!) free of charge.


  1. You can choose from more than 45 designs in dozens of colors, which are easy to select with a mouse click.
  2. These 45 layouts are easy to edit in an online editor.  
  3. A completely personal layout is possible.
  4. You can reconstruct your existing site pixel-precisely in the myShop.com system.
  5. You can select various Article views.
  6. You can simply create an unlimited amount of content pages. You can generate the layout yourself in the blocks editor.
  7. If you do not have time for it yourself, our reliable partners are at your service!


  1. Product groups up to 6 levels deep.
  2. Multiple menus with different entries on one page.
  3. Filters that allow you to show any selection from your file.


  1. myShop.com has links to all major payment service providers.
  2. You benefit from the discounts that myShop.com has negotiated with these parties. So this is an extra advantage for you!
  3. iDeal payments go directly through your own bank. What a convenience!


  1. The shipping costs can be set per shipping method or carrier.
  2. ou can assign a cost offset to each shipping method, so that the price is calculated based on weight, size (parcel or standard mail) and destination (postal code, country) if necessary.
  3. Each shipping method can be linked to one or more payment methods.
  4. To motivate your visitors to place an order, you can add a discount to the order costs per shipping method.
  5. Quick link to PostNL’s Online Shipping Service.


  1. You can issue discount codes.
  2. You can give a free product with each order.
  3. You can give a discount on the order amount.
  4. Up selling or cross selling through matching products.
  5. Optional B2C login.
  6. Your customers can make wish lists.
  7. You can find affiliate partners, register the sales through the affiliate site, and reward for additional sales.
  8. Gift cards through Buckaroo or Ogone.


  1. Orders + customer data can be exported to Excel or XML.
  2. Changing status for multiple orders at the same time.
  3. Advanced back office:
    • Changing, copying, adding orders
    • Tasks, linked emails and shipping labels.
    • Creating invoices and credit notes
    • Ticket system: Assign emails to user
    • E-mail editor with various templates


  1. Activate a shop optimized for the tablet and/or smartphone with a single click.
  2. Simply activate a version 2.0 Facebook Shop. The orders will arrive at your own back office.


  1. Easy to activate target shops. Approach the market in different ways or approach different segments of your market with separate shops with their own layout and domain name. All within your own myShop.com account.
  2. Select a separate order process or the same order process as the main shop.


  1. myShop.com’s SSL Certificate ensures the safety of the data of your customers
  2. If hosting at HostingXS, SSL is also possible in your own name
  3. Redundant server failsafe
  4. Separate processes. If there are problems in the editing processes, your shop remains online.
  5. High uptime of 99.8% over the past 11 years 


  1. myShop.com is available in 14 languages. New languages ​​on request
  2. The editor is in either English or Dutch, which is convenient if you want to outsource the maintenance of the shop.
  3. The shipping costs can be set by country, by shipping method and/or by carrier.
  4. You can assign a cost offset to each shipping method, so that the price is calculated based on weight, size (parcel or standard mail) and destination.
  5. Each shipping method can be linked to one or more payment methods
  6. To motivate your visitors to place an order, you can add a discount to the order costs per shipping method. An example is free shipping on orders over 50 euro. You could give this discount on shipment in the Netherlands, while excluding foreign orders.
  7. Stating the VAT number may exempt certain customers from paying VAT in your store.


  1. myShop.com is the only E-commerce platform provider with iProspect’s SEO Certificate http://www.i-prospect.nl in the Netherlands.
  2. Possibility to optimize product group pages.
  3. Possibility to optimize product pages.
  4. Possibility to optimize content pages.
  5. Standard use

    tags in code.

  6. Each product group on its own optimized URL.
  7. Each product on its own optimized URL.
  8. Own 404 page.
  9. Automatic XML sitemap.
  10. Automatic HTML sitemap.
  11. All pages purely HTML: candy for search engines like Google!


  1. 92% of your customers read product reviews (source: TWINKLE MAGAZINE), so include customer reviews in your store for them (and for Google too).


  1. Add instructional videos to the ‘more info’ page.
  2. Add video to the content pages.
  3. Link to .PDF files for detailed information about your products.


  1. Add variations such as Color, Size, Dimension, Length, Height, and Width.
  2. Add selection options with various prices such as ‘Tow bar yes/no.’
  3. Add selection options and let the images change along.


  1. myShop.com is the spider in the web. We do not pretend to know it all. We only do one thing: make beautiful webshops. For everything else, we have partners who are specialists in their field. This way, you can choose which specialist is best for you and your company. Currently, we have about 100 links available for you. Most links are free, but our partners offer some too, for which you can be charged.
  2. We offer seamless integration of the shop into your own, existing corporate processes! Our standard link options make it possible to add a variety of data to your shop dynamically, such as prices, stocks (think of your checkout system!), customer data, and even the whole layout if desired.


  1. Wholesalers can set up an online sales channel and have their customers login
  2. Per customer, a discount rate can be set
  3. The customer data of the client can be stored
  4. Various delivery addresses can be set and selected during the ordering
  5. The customer can also log on to its own product range with its own prices, so you can target different customer groups.
  6. Use our AFFILIATE SHOP BUILDER. Offer your product file to other retailers in their site.


  1. Make use of other people's products and only pay attention to sales
  2. Filter the file offered so that you only sell the products that you have chosen.
  3. Adjust the affiliate shop to the layout of your own website.


  1. If you do not want to be a number
  2. If you appreciate flexibility
  3. If you are looking for a stable e-commerce platform
  4. If you want to work with passionate people
  5. If you are looking for a party that thinks with you
  6. If you want to get more out of your company!