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As you have already read in the previous press release, Marcel Ambriola and John Zanoni are the new owners of since Monday, December 3, 2012. Well, who are they and what are their plans?

Marcel is in automation since 1985, has been involved in the logistical and financial automation of Sony Music Entertainment Europe for 15 years and has then focused on Internet services, of which the last 8.5 years for Marcel is an experienced manager, a real team player and people manager and broadly oriented. Did you know he is a fanatical racing cyclist and loves to travel?

John has been active as a system developer of multimedia and online information and learning systems (e.g. at Accenture and KPMG) since 1989. John has technically designed the concept of from the very beginning. His thorough knowledge of and experience in hardware enable John to develop software systems that perform optimally even under high pressure. Did you know that giving Taekwondo training (including to his two sons) gives him a lot of energy?

Marcel and John want to emphasize with this newsletter that customers will hardly notice anything of this management change; "For them, everything remains the same, especially the mijnWinkel team. In our opinion, only beautiful things are added,” the new management team says. Both see huge opportunities to expand the existing success formula. That is precisely the reason why they have gotten into this acquisition adventure. They think that there is still much to gain in customer orientation and product development particularly.

Marcel and John; " is already a well-established and profitable product. Yet we can always do better. We present ourselves mainly as a technology supplier at present. Nevertheless, we aim to be a solution-provider in the near future. We want to think along with the customer and offer solutions. Users can start their own webshop easily and quickly using Yet we know from experience that you do not get there with just the technique. You can have a shop where everything is doing what it should do, but if you do not use the correct text or the graphic design is not appealing, it will not be a success.

That is why, for our customers, we enter into even more collaborations with strong partners in all areas. The big advantage is that we will be able to offer a complete product. To some extent, we already do now. Nevertheless, we are going to give even more substance to it, because we really think along with the customer, and assist and advise him/her. In the future, we want to expand our standard product further with many features, preserving the richness of customization. Eventually, every customer will pick what they think they need."

The team consists of about 10 fixed team members in addition to Marcel and John. For an overview of this, please visit the contact page of From now on, there will be a brief introduction of a member of the mijnWinkel team in every newsletter, so that you, the customer, know whom you are dealing with better and who the driving forces behind are.

Marcel, John and the rest of the team wish you a successful December month!