Entrepreneurship without risk

Your own webshop for free during a 3 month trial period

Are you interested in a webshop, but do you have doubts about starting one yourself? With myShop.com, you can quickly launch an online store that allows you a three month trial period to experiment, without charge. For the consumer market (B2C) or business market (B2B), whichever you want. If you already have a corporate website, myShop.com can easily add ordering options and an internet checkout. Another option is a complete webshop with the same look and feel as your existing website. You can find an overview of our main subscriptions at the 'Compare subscriptions' page.

How does it work?

For three months, you get free access to a beautiful virtual shop at a potential prime location, because myShop.com is SEO certified. You can arrange your store to your own taste as you have numerous templates, styles, colors and layouts to choose from. Are the atmosphere and appearance to your liking? Then you only have to add product pictures and specifications. Once you have subscribed, you can add the online payment method(s) for orders. Google and other search engines will then index your webshop automatically.

Try it without any obligations

myShop.com offers you the opportunity to pioneer to your heart’s content for a quarter of a year. Free of charge, without any obligation. At the end of the free trial period you can either choose to activate your account -and of course keep everything you created- or choose to let your account expire. No further actions from you are required. Are you curious about the subscriptions and options? Choose the subscription that best suits your needs from the menu on the left.