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    myShop Expert shows you the way in the e-commerce landscape and in (online) entrepreneurship. Much needs to be done around your webshop, such as setting up online marketing, writing texts or usability advice. Only a back office is not enough. You have questions and you want to be guided herein. Sit around the table with the right specialists.

    myShop Expert will assist. We do not do that by ourselves; we do that together with our (strategic) partners.
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Easy access to all e-commerce disciplines

myShop is traditionally a technology provider, which can be seen in the large number of standard links that our platform has with all kinds of e-commerce companies and underlying surfaces and that you as a customer can easily use . Additionally, we have also established collaborations with dozens of business partners in the past 14 years. Business Partners are vital links in our business strategy. In collaboration with them, we provide total solutions to the industry.

Technology provider and full service organization

Our customers increasingly asked us whether we can offer a service model with which you do not only use our platform, but with which it is also easier to meet all kinds of specialists within the e-commerce world. Our answer is now: Yes, we do!

Sitting around the table with the right specialists

Through our partners, you get easy access to more than 30 disciplines. We work closely with these companies and we are very fond of them. Additionally, you can be informed by our newsletter: it pays attention to new developments, examples of successful online stores, e-commerce news and introducing strategic partners: the experts. Partners, entrepreneurs with a story and with knowledge, will also play an important role in myShop Academy , so you as a customer can get acquainted first and then decide.

Better use of your webshop

Choose for yourself on which parts you could use advice or support; from legal advice to SEO, we have all the knowledge at your disposal. Moreover, we proactively keep you informed about trends and developments. This service is specifically designed to be used during the operation of the webshop and to support the entrepreneurs in all the challenges that running a webshop can bring.

myShop Expert is still in full development. The coming period, we will bring this service more to the attention!