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In the table below is an overview of the different types of subscriptions and the available functionalities per subscription. The table is not meant to be extensive, if you're looking for certain functionalities which are not listed, please send us an email at . All prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT.

Costs subscriptions

Basic Startup Professional B2B Checkout
Prices from (per month) € 5€ 19€ 39€ 47€ 14
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General functionalities

3 months free trial  info

Try for 3 months

When you register a free trial account, you can use all functionalities of If you have questions, feel free to contact

Custom domain  info

Your own custom domain

Use your own custom design by myShop

Separate orderbutton  info

Place an orderbutton on your own site

It is possible to place an orderbutton on your own website (apart from your webshop), that way products can be bought directly through the orderprocess in your webshop.

Plenty default layouts to choose  info

Choose one of our default layouts offers a wide choice of default skins. You can view all available skins when you register a trial account.

Costum layout  info

Make a cutom layout

Beside the wide range of available default layouts, it is also possible to create your own design in HTML. See our technical help, or contact to get started with this.

Use your own logo  info

Add your own logo

Make your webshop personal with using a logo.

Add a favicon  info

Add your favicon

Add your own favicon in the backoffice off myShop

Several languages  info

Use more languages with target shops currently offers 13 languages which can be used in your webshop. See our extended help for information on which languages can be used. Missing a language? Contact!

Newsletter  info

Option to newsletter

Keep your customers informed of new products or promotions using a newsletter.

Backup  info

Backup options

A periodical back-up is made of each shop types except for basic accounts.

E-mail / ticket support  info

Proffesional email helpdesk

If you ask us a question through our support system (online or mail), you will always receive a response within 2 ours. Mail your questions to

Telephone support  info

Proffesional telephone helpdesk

If you have a professional account, you may speak with our professional helpdesk over the phone.

Professional edition
Remove the powered by link  info

What is the powered by link?

All pages in your webshop will have a powered-by link at the bottom of the page. Starting from start-up subscriptions, it is possible to remove the link with a more expensive subscription.

Professional edition
Backoffice connection  info

Automatically process orders

Use our backoffice connection to automatically send and process your orders in your own administration system.

Professional edition
Manage your own pages  info

Manage your own pages

Build a website around your webshop: create and fill pages with tekst, images and products. For instance pages with terms and conditions, privacy statements or disclaimer, other information or contactforms are easily made.

10 25 100 100 10 / 25
Manage your products  info

Manage your products

Managing your products is easy using Excel, add your products with prices, descriptions, colors, sizes to your spreadsheet.

Several quick search options  info

Several quick search options

Dynamic searching possibilities such as extended search, global search (searching across all columns) and category search.

Filtermenu  info


This block shows the menu with its hierarchy. The settings of the menu itself are found in the menu section of the productlist settings.

Downloadable products  info

Downloadable products

Sell downloadable products like ebooks, pictures ect.

Paging  info


Number your pages, enabeling your visitors to browse through your products easily.

Read more block  info

Read more block

This block allows you to shorten long texts, and offer your customers more options.

Optional cookies  info

Ask for permission to place tracking cookies

Since june 2012 websites are obligated to ask for permission to use tracking cookes.

Reviews  info

Add reviews to your products

Reviews enable your customers to view what other customers have to say about a product. Ofcourse it is possible to monitor the reviews placed by customers.

Max amount products  info

Max amount product per shop

Our subscription plans include a fixed amount of products which can be used with the excel upload. You can extend this limit with by contacting us through

Product specific metatags  info

Use optimized metatags for each product

Improve your exposure using custom meta tags.

Connect your social media  info

Connect with your social media

Simply connect your Twitter, Facebook, Google+1 etc. with your webshop.

Customer login  info

Customer login

Registered customers can view their order history and keep track of their favorite products.

Buildingblocks for pages  info

Build your pages with blocks

Besides product pages, it is possible to create static pages with so called blocks. These blocks can be anything, for instance a contact form, available payment options block, promotions, social media, etc


Product specific

Level discount list  info

Buy more, pay less

Reward bulk purchaces in your webshop, using level discounts.

Attachment uploading  info

Have your customers send attachments

Customers can attach an attachment to their order. This might for instance be an image to be printed on a T-shirt.

Custom text with product ordering  info

Have your customers specify custom text

Customers can specify a custom text with their order. For instance a text to be printed on a coffee cup or t-shirt.

Crosselling  info


With cross-selling you bring other products to the attention of a product.

Product variations  info

Product variations

On the more-info screen you can display selection lists , for example the size and the colour of a product.

Multiple images per product  info

Show multiple images per product

Using multiple images per product enables you to show your customers multiple views or variantions of the same product.

Zoom / lightbox  info

Enlarge productpictures

Enlarge productpictures so you can look at a product in detail.

Use YouTube video's  info

Make use of YouTube video's

Do you have promotional videos available? Show them to your customers!

Stock control  info

Manage your stock

myShop can manage your stock for you and make sure you don't sell what you don't have.

Image storage  info

Store your images

For each product there is 312 Kb storage space available for images. We advice to be alert on the size of images, because these can influence the speed of your webshop greatly.


Order process

VAT abroad  info

Don't calculate VAT for companies abroad

Use a simple rule to specify who need to pay VAT in your shop and under which conditions.

Customer details  info

Define which customer details to ask

Easily specify which information your customers need to fill in when ordering something in your webshop.

Shippingcosts  info

Calculate shippingcosts

Extended possiblities let you specify the way that shippingcosts should be calculated, based upon weight, country, product, etc.

Shippingmethods  info

Use your own shippingmethods.

You can specify a great range of shippingmethods like rembours, collect, or send using partners like PostNL.

Shippingcosts discounts  info

Lower your shippingcosts

Define promotions to make your products more attractive.

Paymentcosts  info

Calculate paymentcosts

Use multiple options to calculate costs for your paymentmethods.

Payment method  info

Define paymentmethods

Use our predefined connections with more then 15 online payment service providers, which offer more then 50 different payment methods.

Paymentcosts discounts  info

Lower your paymentcosts

Define promotions to make paying with online services more attractive.

SSL orderproces  info

Endless possibilities for SSL

Use the default SSL order process using a certificate and domain, or use SSL on your own domain using one of our partners.

Shop notifications  info

Send notifications to your customers

Define which notifications should be send to your or your customers using mail, fax or sms.


Order management

Print several documents  info

Documents for your administration

For each order you'll find an automatically generated invoice, packing list, overview and label for your package.

Exporteer orders  info

Excel export

Orders can be downloaded in excel format and used for management or accounting.

Order satus  info

Manage and ensure your orders

Using our ordermanager you can check and manage the status of your orders and payments.

Inform  info

Send a custom message to your customers

Using our ordermanager you can send a specified message to any specific customer.

Online verzendservice - Parcelware  info

Export orders to onlineverzendservice

Download an export of your orders to be used with the online verzendservice from PostNL or Parcelware.


Custom (own) connections

Dynamic customers details  info

Custom customer details

Manage from your own system which users have access to your webshop and what their customer details are.

Dynamic productdata  info

Custom product or stock data

Query product information like stock information real-time from your own system.

Professional edition
Dynamic discountcodes  info

Dynamic discountcodes

Define coupon codes yourself with code which have a limited time period or a selection of your products.

Professional edition
Dynamic shippingcosts  info

Dynamic shippingcosts

Calculate dynamic shoppingcosts for each order, customer or product and send it to us, so we calculate the correct costs in the order overview.

Professional edition
Dynamic skin  info

Dynamic skin

Have your own system define the look and feel of your webshop.

Professional edition
Products  info

Custom product or stock data

Query product information like stock information real-time from your own system.

Professional edition
Stock management via remote server  info

Custom stock data

Have a remote server manage your stock, using the backoffice connection or order XML.

Professional edition
Automatic stock update (offline)  info

Automatic stock update (offline)

Adjust the stock of your products, with loggin into your webshop using RPC.

Professional edition
Automatic productlist upload  info

Automatic productlist upload

Import productlist automatically to your webshop.

Professional edition

Payment provider connections

Offline paymentmethods  info

Offline paymentmethods

Offline payment methods can be Rembours, pay upfront or cash and collect.

PayPal  info


Using paypal payment methods, your customers can pay using their creditcard or paypal account.

Docdata payments  info


Docdata provides you with the possibilities to use Ideal, creditcard, wire transfer or authorized transfer.

Professional edition
Ogone  info


Ogone offers ideal and creditcard, and some more specialized options like Wallie.

Professional edition
Buckaroo  info


Buckaroo also offers foreign paymentmethods like Giropay for Belgium.

Professional edition
Sisow  info


Sisow offers ideal payments at low rates.

Professional edition
MultiSafepay  info


Besides the usual payment options, Multisafepay also offers Belgium payment methods like Mister cash.

Professional edition
Icepay  info


Icepay offers a wide range of payment methods.

Professional edition
Mollie iDEAL  info

Mollie iDEAL

View the registration form for Ideal through Mollie.

Rabo iDEAL  info

Rabo iDEAL

View the registration form for Ideal using the Rabobank.

Rabo Omnikassa creditcard  info

Rabo Omnikassa creditcard

Professional edition
Rabo Omnikassa iDEAL  info

Rabo Omnikassa iDEAL

Use the simple and complete Omnikasse by the Rabobank.



View the registration form for Ideal from the ADN AMRO bank.

ING iDEAL  info


View the registration for for Ideal using the ING bank.

Klarna  info


Klarna offers payment methods for payment after receiving the products, for both The Netherlands as Germany.

Professional edition
Afterpay  info


Afterpay enables your customers to pay after receiving the products, using a authorized transfer.

Professional edition

Koppelingen online betaalproviders

Billink  info


Payment after receiving the products, for B2C and also B2B

Professional edition

Available shop types

Tablet shop, using targetshop  info

Tablet shop

Make sure your tablet can also be used on a tablet using a Tablet shop!

Smartphone shop, using targetshop  info

Smartphone shop

Besides tabletshop we also offer smartphoneshops!

Facebook shop, using targetshop  info


Offer your customers the ease and comfort of a facebookshop, your customers can place and finish an order from within facebook.

Targetshop  info


A targetshop can be added easily, these shops are meant to show case part of your products in a seperate shop.

Quotation shop, using targetshop  info

Quotation shop

If you would like your customers to be able to receive a quotation, use the quotation shop.

Wholesale shop, using targetshop  info

Wholesale shop

Download shop, via targetshop  info

Download shop


Actions (discount) & uplifts

Couponcodes  info

Issue couponcodes

Give coupon codes to new of existing customers which give them a fixed price or percentage discount.

Get 3 pay 2 action  info

Get 3 pay 2!

Have your customers order 3 and pay for 2 products.

Additions  info

Addition below threshold order amount

Add an addition when customers place an order below a certain order amount.

Regular discount  info

Discount above threshold order amount

Give your customers a discount when they order above a certain order amount.

Added products  info

Automatically add products to order

This option can be used to automatically add a product to their order for free.

Extra charges for customers  info

Extra charges for customers, e.g. removal cost electronic products

Have your customers pay for an extra addition for certain products, for instance for a removal charge.

Shipping discounts  info

Shipping discounts

It is possible to define promotions to calculate no shippingcosts when the order total exceeds a certain amount.

Paymentcosts  info

Payment costs

By calculating a charge for certain payment methods, your customers will be motivated to choose different payment methods, for instance Ideal.



CDN Netwerk  info

Content Delivery Network

Make use of the CDN which we have integrated through our hosting partner. CDN ensures shorter load times by making sure that the user connects to the closest content server.

Security scan  info

Security scan op zaken als XSS

The thuiswinkel organization requires a security scan as part of the admittance process. offers a free on-time security scan through our specilized partner, Forus-P

SEO optimalisation  info

SEO optimalisation makes sure that our platform is optimized. iProspect has given us their quality mark. You should ofcourse, provide the content of your webshop yourself.



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