Company history started of as an e-commerce platform which is used to easy and quick setup a webshop or online B2B ordering system. We offer fast, very flexible webshops which, if needed, seamless integrates which your exsisting website and connected with your back office systems like ERP, CRM, etc.

myShop offers different services, myShop E-commerce as E-commerce platforms for people who want to setup theit own webshop by themselves but also myShop Solutions where we can acrry out a part, or the whole project for you, from branding and design via webshop building until product fulfilment. We also offer support during the life cycle of your webshop thru myShop Expert and myShop Academy offers you anything to to with learning the system, PR, seminars and other events. is founded as by parent company mijnWinkel Ltd. (mijnWinkel B.V.) in August 2000. In the beginning of June 2013, ​​a name change has taken place: has become The website has undergone a metamorphosis, but the team has mostly remained the same. mijnWinkel Ltd. still owns the company.

The management team of mijnWinkel Ltd. includes Marcel Ambriola (CEO) and John Zanoni (CTO). They work hard on further growth with the other team members of mijnWinkel Ltd. and a large number of partners. Customer orientation and continuous innovation are high priorities. Marcel and John follow the latest developments closely. They see making even more successful as their challenge.

In 2006, a team member of mijnWinkel Ltd. - Henk Tjaden - is deceased.