Startup subscription rate

The shop calculator below allows you to calculate your Startup monthly fee, based on the number of products and other options. The number of products in a subscription refers to the total number of unique products that you offer. For example, if you sell a t-shirt in three different colors, they are three unique products (you can keep a stock for each color). All prices are exclusive VAT.

Number of products

Price per period

  12 months at 19 euro per month (incl 20% discount)
  6 months at 23.75 euro per month


  • affiliate (€ 8)
  • no sponsor link (€ 12)

Standard payment providers

 * = free, see costs payment provider

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The number of standard productlists per subscription is:

  • Basic and Professional Startup subscriptions: 3
  • Professional subscriptions: 5
  • Business to business Silver and Gold: 5
  • Business to business Platinum: 15

It is possible to extend the number of productlists, when you want that, please send us an email with your webshopnumber to There are additional costs, see this link .