B2B subscription rate

The shop calculator below allows you to calculate your Business to Business monthly fee, based on the number of products and other options. The number of products in a subscription refers to the total number of unique products that you offer. For example, if you sell a t-shirt in three different colors, they are three unique products (you can keep a stock for each color). All prices are exclusive VAT.

Number of products

Price per payment period

12 months at 47 euro per month (incl 20% discount)
6 months at 52.88 euro per month (incl 10% discount)
3 months 58.75 euro per month

Types of customer management


  • inclusive 3 languages


Standard payment providers

 * = free, see costs payment provider

I want a free trial account


The number of standard productlists per subscription is:

  • Basic and Professional Startup subscriptions: 3
  • Professional subscriptions: 5
  • Business to business Silver and Gold: 5
  • Business to business Platinum: 15

It is possible to extend the number of productlists, when you want that, please send us an email with your webshopnumber to support@mijnwinkel.nl. There are additional costs, see this link .