Become affiliate partner

Do you want to earn money without having to invest first? Then take part in the Affiliate Program of for free. Every new customer that you bring to us will give you a fee. A link between your website and ours is the only thing you need. We register every visitor redirected to through to your website requesting a trial subscription. If he or she signs a paid subscription, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. The commission amount you can claim is mentioned in there too. We distinguish two types of Affiliate Partners: Silver and Gold.

Silver versus Gold Affiliate partner

You start as Silver Affiliate. Each half year, we look at the revenue that you have achieved for us in the previous six months. Does your turnover exceed € 2,500 and have you taken care of at least 6 paying subscribers? In this case, there is an immediate upgrade to Gold. If you are Gold Affiliate, we look at your revenue per quarter. If your revenue I less than € 500, you will get the Silver status back.

Provision and payout

Each new subscriber will give you two years commission, calculated from the day of his or her first payment. As Silver Affiliate, you are entitled to a fee of 10%. As Gold Affiliate, you can receive a 25% commission fee. In addition, paying subscribers that you have taken care of receive a one-time 10% discount on their subscription.

At the end of each quarter, we will send you a Commission Statement. This is an overview of all orders received through your website (paid subscriptions). The Commission Statement states the turnover you have achieved and what the commission amount is that you may invoice to us. Upon receipt of your invoice, we pay the amount to the account you specify. Payment of the amount includes VAT.


The Affiliate Partner Program of is attractive. We would like to prevent abuse of it. Therefore, we have prepared a number of conditions for participants:

  1. You cannot be an affiliate partner of your own website. The commission does not apply to references to your own website.
  2. The commission applies only to accounts requested through the affiliate link. It is not possible to add accounts afterwards.
  3. Only one affiliate partner can sign a new subscriber.
  4. If you have a webshop of, the sponsor link ‘shop powered by’ is not valid as an affiliate link. If you do not want a sponsor link, you can have it removed for a fee.
  5. The commission rate depends on the affiliate partner status. Silver Affiliate Partners receive a 10% commission and Gold Affiliate Partners receive a fee of 25%.
  6. New subscribers who have end up at via a Gold Affiliate receive a one-time discount of 10% on the first registration. The Gold Affiliate Partner can use this as extra stimulus or trigger for potential customers.
  7. If you are both Affiliate Partner and Business Partner, the subscribers you have provided are taken into account for the calculation of the commission. Customers provided to you by (as Business Partner) do not count for the calculation of the affiliate commission.
  8. As an affiliate partner, you will receive commission for a period of two years, starting from the first payment of the subscriber, if the above conditions are met.

How do you sign up?

If you want to join, please register on our Affiliate Partner AanmeldformulierOnce you have submitted the form, you will receive an email with instructions. This allows you to get started right away: place links and banners on your website and earn money! 


Do you still have questions? Please send an email to