Becoming an Academic Partner

Commissioned by Vof De Leerfabriek, we developed a supporting webshop for the vocational training Trade: Using this practical example, freshmen students can explore how e-commerce works. The initiative goes so well that a sequel is about to come. With Webshop Heroes, Vof De Leerfabriek takes it one step further. In this teaching method, they allow pupils to build and manage an online store with Hein van Oers of Vof De Leerfabriek: “Initially we chose because it is an existing company with proven expertise in the field of e-commerce. Now we have asked for its help again, because it has proven to be a reliable partner. We are very pleased with the cooperation and the support.

Jong Ondernemen and Inholland College have chosen us too. Jong Ondernemen (formerly Mini-Enterprises) is a partnership of VNO-NCW, ABN AMRO, SMEs and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In the context of learning by doing, vocational training students and college students start their own businesses. supports this project with webshops. In 2002, Hogeschool Inholland in Amsterdam has included (then in the first year of the curriculum HEAO Business Informatics.

Would you like to become an Academic Partner? We are happy to discuss your wishes with you. Please send an email with your contact details to We will call you to make an appointment for an exploratory talk.