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    Successfully improve your webshop

    myShop academy offers short, practical day courses with which starters & professionals can directly improve their results in e-commerce. Our teachers have over 10 years of experience in starting and expanding successful webshops.

    In myShop Academy, you will find the appropriate training for each stage in your e-commerce career. In addition to in-class training, individual sessions are also among the possibilities. Please look at the course offerings below.

    Our trainings!

Individual and classroom trainings

The training program of myShop Academy was developed by Webhelden (Web Heroes) Academy. All individual and in-class trainings are tailored to the needs and learning objectives of the various myShop users. For instance, there is a training called Starting a myShop Webshop for the web merchant who is still orientating on the strategy to be followed, the product range one wants to offer, and other basic elements for successfully starting a webshop.

This training is appropriate for any internet entrepreneur at “level zero” and, for example, retailers wanting to take the first steps in the field of online selling. Additionally, myShop Academy offers the training Optimizing a myShop Webshop, in which you will learn how to get the most out of your existing myShop webshop, how you can improve your business results and how you can expand the webshop, among other things.

The courses myShop Webshop PR, myShop in 10 steps, Building myShop, myShop Online Marketing and myShop are focused on specific areas of online entrepreneurship.

All courses are offered in class and individually, are extremely practical and effective and are taught by experienced teachers who are entrepreneurs themselves.

Our training center is coordinated by Suzan Eikelenstam, author of the books Webhelden (Web Heroes) and Internetgodinnen (Internet Goddesses). For questions, please contact her at suzan@myshop.com.